The Great Transition – Be the Creating Element you are!

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


Step 9 – Become a Creating Element completed
It is through this ninth step of preparation that humanity can move more diligently into being the creating elements they are intended to be, in alignment with both the natural elements and with the ancestors.  

During this step in The Great Transition humanity becomes the divine presence on earth as was always intended. And The Great Transition can continue with the veil becoming thinner and the separation between the spiritual planes and the physical planes dissolving or being removed for its creating elements have stepped forward to take their place. 

The primary action necessary for this ninth step is a shift in belief – a shift which results in each member of humanity recognizing their impact upon the earth and their intention to be in alignment with the agenda agreed upon by themselves and The Divine/The All.  

Once this belief has become cognitively aligned and in the consciousness of the individual person, the individual can then begin to prepare themselves and their knowing so they may be the creating element. And, with such knowing, create the frequency and the actions most appropriate for living within, during, and after The Great Transition. 

Accept your position as a creating element.  Align to your purpose and agenda.  Understand your connection to nature and the spiritual world.  And prepare for the thinning of the veil.  

So, what will it take for you to step to your own agenda and be the creating element you are?

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