The Great Transition – Step 10 – Live in the Integrity of Your Soul

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


As you are beginning to complete the steps recommended to prepare for The Great Transition, it become necessary to prepare to meet yourself again, and again.
In the ancient Inca prophesy, the Age of Iron, an age highlighted by industrialization and materialization, is coming to an end.  Its duration was nearly 1,000 years long and its end was predicted with the coming of the Europeans to Central and South America.  As the ancient prophecy and traditions predicted, the Age of Iron was to end 500 years after the arrival of the Europeans and the Golden Age would return.

In the Inca beliefs, there were four ages, each following the other as the seasons follow each other.  The Age of Iron is likened to the winter months – dark, chaotic, and materialistic. The Golden Age is as the spring – the dawning of all that is fresh and beautiful.  And, as in the spring, we are each asked to review our lives and replant ourselves in the new world – the spring.  

So it is that, as in the Inca prophesy, the Golden Age will return and we, each, will have the opportunity to meet ourselves again and again with the coming of this new spring.  This is the tenth step in preparing for The Great Transition.  It is as was described in the book, The Tenth Insight by James Redfield we will each begin to participate in and understand our own ‘life review’, for both this life and all of our other lives (depending upon beliefs).  And that in this ‘life review’ each individual will review all of the choices they have made and assess their selections and the paths that each selection set them along. 

Have you ever consider a conscious life review? 

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