The Great Transition – Live in the Integrity of Your Soul

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

Step 10 – Continued – Living in the Integrity of Your Soul
In this ‘life review’ you will have the opportunity to see yourself again and again; to understand your choices again and again; and to determine how you might choose the same or differently in the future.  For, as we move more deeply into The Great Transition, the possibility of accessing these ‘life review moments’ becomes more and more available to you.  As the ‘life review’ becomes more available, you are more able to understand the upcoming choice points in your current life. And, with this understanding, determine how you might more consciously decide at the next choice point, particularly in light of the processes and shifts you have created in the earlier nine steps.
Through meeting yourself again and again, you become more consciously aware – of the choices you truly have before you; the impact of the various choices; and the responsibility you have to the Earth, your Soul Team, and your own Soul.  In the awareness that you will be meeting yourself and be responsible to explain to yourself your choices and their implications, you naturally become more harmonious with the Earth and all of its inhabitants.   For, one of the many questions you will ask yourself to answer is ‘how did your choice impact all of your future choices?’  And in the asking of this question you will become more and more aware of the impact each of your choices makes upon your own future and the future of all that supports future choices. 
It is for this reason that this step – the Tenth Step – is that of meeting yourself over and over again.  It is for this reason that this step is not until you have had the chance to adjust your perspectives and living.  It is for this reason that this step positions you to live in the integrity of your Soul.

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