Shifting Our Stuff with Guest Blogger Tisha Morris

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


Tisha Morris, the author of an amazing book – 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home – is my guest blogger for this week.  Tisha is going to share some insights on ‘Shifting Our Stuff”.
In the documentary film, The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard examines our national obsession with stuff and how it all began.  She attributes our consumption addiction to the post-World War III economic policies that propagandized the notion of buying stuff.  Our insatiable appetites haven’t been able to stop since.  That is, until now.

With the decline of the economy – whether directly affected or not – we have all started to take pause before making a purchase.  More importantly, we are beginning to take inventory of the stuff that we do have.  Even more so, we are beginning to feel taken over by all the stuff that we have accumulated over the decades, which is why so many of us are having the urge to purge or declutter our homes. 

But is it as easy as making some runs to Goodwill?
Of course not. 

We have become addicted, or emotionally attached, to our stuff.  

Buying and accumulating stuff is just another way to distract ourselves from our present lives.  Like cigarettes or alcohol, it is a quick fix to feeling good.  But when the high wears off, we are left with an icky feeling.  But we need the icky feeling so that we can punish ourselves and perpetuate our guilt.  And then we need the high again so that we don’t feel the pain, and the circle continues.  

Is this an overreaction to buying a new toaster?  Maybe.  But consumption can be an addiction (or at the least an emotional attachment) that, unlike cigarettes and alcohol, is hard to recognize because it is so affirmed by our friends, family, media, and government.  

Wednesday, Tisha will discuss just how  we might detach from our stuff. Stay tuned. 

About the Author: Tisha Morris is a certified life coach, feng shui consultant, energy healer, and author of 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home.   She practiced law for ten years and holds a Fine Arts degree in Interior Design.  Tisha’s transformational journey from attorney to healer has given her invaluable experience in which to help others make desired changes.  Tisha’s gift is blending traditional feng shui techniques and interior design aesthetics with healing energy to transform spaces as well as all those who occupy the space.  Tisha is based in Nashville, TN, and can be reached through her website/blog at .

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2 Responses to “Shifting Our Stuff with Guest Blogger Tisha Morris”

  1. Humberto Stakelin Says:

    Possibly anyone are going to let me know where the for you to obtain this kind of can be coming from? I am inquisitive regarding understanding a lot of regarding.

    • shiftguru Says:

      For me this information is coming first from Spirit and then from study. I hear about a connection or a recommendation on how to prepare and then I go to the web and research the indigeneous culture Spirit has mentionted.
      Does that help?

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