The Great Transition – Step 10 Completed – Be in Integrity

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


And, as the ancient Inca prophesy predicted, when the awakened spiritual consciousness (the alignment to your soul) occurs, like a beacon of light around the world, the new era – the Golden era – will be announced.  And the shift to an era of harmony with Mother Earth and nature; an era of peace and brotherhood; and an era of spiritual liberation and love will prevail upon the Earth.  And the Golden Era will dawn after nearly 1,000 years of the Iron Era.  And spring will once again return to the Earth and all of its inhabitants.
And, as with any spring occurring, often a significant last breath of ‘winter’ occurs.  Do not believe that spring will not come.  For as the seasons follow one another, the eras as prophesied by the ancient Inca follow one another. 
Spring will appear.  

Will you be ready to meet yourself again and again?  

Will you be ready to live in the integrity of your soul?  

Are you following the recommended steps to prepare for The Great Transition? 

How will it feel to meet yourself again and again?

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