The Great Transition – Step 11 – Move into Enlightenment

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


In your first step, you raised your frequency, your vibration.  In the second step, you prepared to and entered a period of purification so you could return to alignment with your higher self and your inner knowing.  In the third step you opened up and freed your connection to The Divine/The All so you were ready for the fourth step of Listening Up…of listening to The Divine/The All and your higher knowing. 

In the fifth step, you connected to and began conscious interaction with your Soul Team.  This conscious interaction and the interactions created in earlier steps allowed you to more easily consciously connect with your agenda for this earth based iteration.  In connecting to this agenda you were able to see the possibilities if you were able to move yourself out from under the cloud of Fear established by the current society and your mental ego. 

In the seventh step you discovered and began to release or shift/reshape beliefs you have held which no longer support what you now know to be your agenda for this earth iteration – this soul development time.  And in the eighth step, having practiced on some lesser beliefs, you released the need to hold tightly to greed and malice for you understood that these deeply held beliefs were also not supporting you in your evolution…in fact, they were holding you back from the evolution you came to experience. 

In the ninth step you accepted and moved into living as the creating element you came to this earth life to be. And, with the support of the preceding nine steps, you moved into alignment with your Soul, your Soul Self.  All of these steps were precursors to this eleventh step.  

How is your alignment?  How have you progressed through the previous steps? 

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