The Great Transition – Step 11 – Move into Enlightenment

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


For this movement, this processing into enlightenment by each individual soul in an earth based body, is much easier, much more probable, when the previous ten steps have been accomplished.  To attempt to move into enlightenment without the earlier steps having been accomplished is a movement of mind only, a movement of the mental ego as it prepares to protect the physical body from the shifts and changes necessary to move into this Golden Era. And, as was stated earlier, the mental ego’s responsibility to you is to keep you safe.  Without the other steps having been accomplished, the mental ego (doing its job very well) would have held you in the social norm and in the fear which currently permeates society.  

For The Great Transition is being felt by all individuals on earth at this time.  Few, however, are in the process of alignment.  Most are in the responding to the fear of the great change this type of transition signifies. 

Taking this eleventh step moves you into an inner knowing, an inner shift from the ‘ego’ based approach to living a physical life to a spiritually based approach to living a physical life.  This shift does not necessarily entail living in mountains or meditating for hours each day.  Rather, at this time in history, this shift is more focused to an inner awareness of Self and Soul Team and Connection in each moment and with each thought.  The meditation and mountain sitting may be effective to counterbalance any lower frequency events you engage in and this time is not intended for retreat. 

Entering and living within the Golden Age is an opportunity to live as the spiritual being you are in an earth based body and to assist others as they strive to do the same. 
What does it mean to you to move into enlightenment?  And what might be your first step?

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  1. levelsofillusion Says:

    Thinking of you.

  2. Weihnachtsgeschenke Says:

    Incredible story

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