The Great Transition – Step 12 – Create and Live in Joy

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


With all that you have achieved through the preceding eleven steps, you are not ready to create and live in joy.  The much-anticipated Aquarian Age is upon us, is part and parcel with The Great Transition.  And, with the shifts and awareness and conscious connections you have achieved as you have prepared, you are not in alignment with and ready to move into the twelfth step, the last primary step in preparing for The Great Transition.  

As each Zodiac sign has a processional period of approximately 2, 160 years, the Age of Aquarius, which is to follow the Piscean Age, has been predicted to begin as early as 1898 and as late as 2012.  When we consider the fact that the beginning of an age is not a date in time as much as a transition in time and space (as is The Great Transition) we begin to understand that many of the predictions may be correct, each simply pointing to a different stage in the transition to the Age of Aquarius.  

In this twelfth step in preparing for The Great Transition, it is imperative to move into alignment with the Age of Aquarius.  And this age, as have been predicted by many in both prose and verse, is an age of unification; an age of liberation; and an age in which we all have an easier path to enlightenment and joy. 

And who of us has not heard if the coming of the Age of Aquarius?  Whom amongst us has not waited for this time?  Are we ready?

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