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The Creating Formula – My Own Soul Team

July 30, 2010

So, as I understand it from the Angelic Realm, when we, as a soul, decide or agree (whichever is the case) to return for another experience or learning, there is a Soul Team developed who also is in alignment with the experience.  Each soul, by being a member of the Team, has a particular responsibility to the Team and a particular learning or experience they are intending as being a part of the Team.

The Team begins to form us when a soul (that would be when each of us agreed to return to the earth plane for another incarnation) agrees to return to a physical form for a learning or experience. (Note – my perception is that the words ‘learning’ and ‘experience’ are basically interchangeable.) And the Team members are selected based upon their state of evolution and how their current states of evolution support the agenda and their own learning (a win-win-win).                                                                                                                             (more…)


The Creating Formula – A Soul Team

July 28, 2010

When I asked what a Soul Team was and how it was formed, I remember sitting in utter amazement. What I heard from the Angelic Realm is that a Soul Team is a group of souls, of which each of our Soul’s is a member.  The Soul Team is created based upon the agenda for the entire Team.  As the ‘souls in the physical’ we have a particular responsibility to the Team.  All other members of the Team, not in the physical, also have particular responsibilities to the Team and to the agenda.  In this way, we (the soul in the physical) have a group of seven to nine other souls who are supporting the agenda…we are a Team.  And thus the term Soul Team. 

This concept created a number of possibilities for me.

First, if I am operating with a Team, then I am not operating alone.   And, if I am not operating alone in the accomplishing of an agenda, then there just might be more possibility that the agenda would be accomplished.                                                                                       


The Creating Formula – My First ‘Ah-hah’s’

July 26, 2010

I think it is funny in life how events occur which at the time we have no concept of what is occurring (we do create in the not-knowing) and that we look lack upon later to begin to see what the event was really about …what the creating which the event was a part of was really in alignment with . 
And so it is that TJ Phillips interviewed me about The Creating Formula this past Thursday.  I used the interview, at TJ’s request, on my show Thank God It’s Friday the next day.  That was a pretty normal occurrence.  It is simply that since the interview, concepts and idea and remembering have been occurring.  It is this remembering that I did not expect or anticipate. (more…)

Living in Trust

July 23, 2010

“When you live in trust and you do believe, you allow to come into your being the information of the believing and of the trusting.  Then the cosmic energy of the believing and the trusting provides you with the connections and the ability to begin creating with The Divine/The All.”

I sat with this short paragraph (page 184 of The Creating Formula) and considered…simply considered what all it might mean in my life to truly live in trust.  My thoughts ran from the possibility that I would never be in doubt or self-created fear again and how wonderful that would be to the conversations I would have with friends and how, when they brought up their concerns I would simply either become frustrated with them or not even be able to identify with them. 

As I reflected upon the conversations I had enjoyed at a recent gathering of other authors and friends, I reflected upon how much of our conversations (and yes, I was right in there with the crowd despite having co-authored this book) were fear or worry or concern based. 

Would living in trust, really living in trust, create a life where I am spending no energy on worry or doubt or fear?

Would living in trust, really living in trust, allow me to see all that is possible and to perceive what best serves my agenda without concern for the perceptions of others? 

Would living in trust allow me to really launch this beautif?ul sharing from The Angelic Realm?

Or, and I know this statement is not being made from a high trusting position, are all of these possibilities and potentials really a cop-out to creating life on the Earth Plane? 

Wow, what I expected to become clear is really much less than clear.  So, what I think I am going to do is to spend the next three days living in trust and report back to you on how it is going.  Does that work?  Want to spend three days living in trust with me and let me know how it is going?

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Trust can move Mountains

July 21, 2010

So many questions and so few answers!  I don’t know about you but that is how I feel so much of the time as I am traversing my own path.  The questions are so real and the answers can impact my life so distinctly that I become just a bit bummed when I do not receive or perceive the answers.

In the matter of trust, I moved to the book The Creating Formula and found a chapter focused on trust.  I remember writing that chapter; I remember how impressed I was with the information; and somehow I overlooked the possibility of living it in my life.  I even remember there being insights on living the life of our dreams by ‘moving mountains’.  (more…)

What is this issue of Trust?

July 19, 2010

And I thought I had spent enough time on ‘trust’  within the context of The Creating Formula. I was corrected by my Guides.  So I returned to the back cover of The Journal of Trusting and spent more time in contemplation. 

What is this issue of trust?  How far will the trust factor take us?  What is the balance point between trust of the non-physical and living in the physical?  Or is there a balance point?  These and many other questions entered my mind when I was directed back to the topic of ‘trust’.

I decided my best approach was to spend some time in meditation.  I love to meditate on a topic. I am not so good just meditating to be meditating.  With this juicy topic, my expectation was that the meditation would be very active and insightful.  And I was not disappointed. (more…)

Living ‘The Creating Formula’ – Trust

July 16, 2010

And it came to my attention, thanks to my Team of Angels, that besides living The Creating Formula I might also want to journal a bit of information.  The exact words were “You are not that good to remember all we are providing you.  That is the reason we create and provide journals – so you in humanity are able to reflect upon the information we have provided and integrate it into your much slower existence on earth.”

So, I picked up The Journal of Trusting (the name was Their idea) and began to consider it.  As I sat there with it on my lap, I turned it over.  I remembered how the wonderful lady assisting me in publishing both the book, The Creating Formula, and the journal, The Journal of Trusting, had said, at rather the last minutes, that we needed to have something on the back cover of  the journal.  We sat there talking more and I told her I had to get off the phone as the ‘Boys’ (also what I call my non-physical support team) were pouring in the information for the back cover. Approximately ten minutes later I sent her the information, she was delighted, and it became the back cover. And now, I was turning it over and remembering the information.

The back cover begins: 

Trust is the foundation for Creating;

Creating is the reason you (humanity) are in an earth experience;

The earth experience supports the evolution of the Soul;

And the evolution of Your Soul is blessed by The Divine/The All.

And with this information, I simply sat and considered. If you were to sit and consider this one phrase, what would it bring to your mind?  To your living?  To your way of presenting yourself in the world?

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Living ‘The Creating Formula’: Meditating

July 14, 2010

As usual, I was awakened around 4:30.  Knowing I would not be able to go back to sleep, I went to my meditation space and settled into meditate.  While I was scanning The Creating Formula, I noted some information about the energy flow from The Universe as it relates to the formula.  I had remembered that section of the writing as it was connected to my logo (which amazed me) and I figured this morning was the perfect morning to practice this energy pattern.

Specifically, the energy pattern speaks to opening either the crown chakra or the root chakra and bringing in either Cosmic/Universal Energy or Earth Energy.  Then, to bring this energy to the creating center in our physical bodies (called the ‘fire in the belly’).  With this energy pouring into the creating center, to begin to draw in all that each of our Soul Teams have selected for us from the Field of Infinite Possibilities.  The visual for this accepting of the gifts from our Soul Team is the infinity symbol. 

Living ‘The Creating Formula’: A Cosmic Mulligan

July 12, 2010

So, staying with the chapter which states that we creating in the ‘not knowing’ I continued on doing my very best to understand what which seemed a bit circular.  And, just as I was thinking this, I read the section about not allowing the Mental Ego (oh, there are two Ego’s in this book – another surprise and one that I caught while they were dictating). 

Their very words are: “do not let your Mental Ego play its silly circular games with this concept” (p 118).  How did They know this would happen?  And yes, you are correct, I have not progressed much from the last post. 
Then, as I was reading along, they brought in the concept of ‘cosmic mulligans’.  Cosmic mulligans? What in the heck were they?  I know a mulligan. Given my golf game, I have had many mulligans.  And now there are cosmic mulligans?  What a concept.  And, just like in golf, a mulligan is a do-over with costs.  In golf, the cost of a mulligan is twofold – an extra stroke and the possibility that the second shot will not be any better (in fact might be worse) than the first shot. (more…)

Living ‘The Creating Formula’: Creating in the ‘Not Knowing’

July 9, 2010

As I returned to reading, I simply had to ask the same questions again: How can it be that I co-authored this book and I am now reading it as if for the first time…when did The Angelic Realm slip this information in?  Has it been here all of the time? And why did I not take note and integrate it into my life before now?

The information I am referring to is the information on how to know, if we are creating in the not knowing, what we are creating.  And, of course, the Angelic Realm had a ready answer (Page 116 to be exact). The answer is that we are to simply trust our Soul Team (they covered this in an earlier chapter and I will return to it at a later time – yes, I am skipping around – it’s how I process) Trust.  For those who know me, you know that ‘Trust’ is pretty much a four letter word.  Maybe for all of you reading this, trust is a simple matter and you can turn your earth based life over to trust.  I am not one of those blessed individuals who seem able to do this.

When I hear the work ‘trust’ I tend to snarl just a bit and wonder what in the world could be so valuable about trusting.  (Oh, yes, that is another chapter – one that the Angelic Realm brought in at 35,000 feat no less). (more…)