Living ‘The Creating Formula’

Life has become a bit unusual of late.  I have just completed my book, The Creating Formula, and I was not certain where to go next.  I had received wonderful support from my co-authors, The Angelic Realm, in creating the contents for the book.  I had great ‘shepherding’ by The Book Shepherds in creating a beautiful look and feel and layout for the book. Now all I had to do was to figure out how to market this writing from The Angelic Realm.  And, as I have learned, the marketing is often the most challenging parts of being an author….or at lease of being an author anyone knows about.

So, given my connection with The Angelic Realm, I turned to them for guidance.  And they did not disappoint me.

The guidance I received was to ‘live’ the Creating Formula; to bring it into my life fully and live the Creating Formula.  I remember sitting there, in my meditation position, and laughing.  What a great idea. And then They (The Angelic Realm) went one step further and recommended that I share my living of The Creating Formula.  And so I shall.  For the next few weeks I will be sharing my journey through this wonderful writing from The Angelic Realm.

I shall begin today.

I found it interesting to have read this book more than four times (not including the writing) and to have never truly read the book.  I began at the beginning – the very beginning.  I spent time connecting to the three dominant angels who dictated this writing – who listened to my questions – and who typically took my recommendations very well. 

I then moved on to the segment about The Angels Care.  I am not one for sentimentality and yet it really struck a chord.  How often in our lives do we feel like no one cares.  Yet, as we have been told over and over in this book The Angels Care. 

And then I arrived at my first sticking point….what did they really mean by the fact that we, humanity, have ‘arch angel attributes’?  What were the angels trying to convey with this concept.  And, if we have ‘arch angel attributes’, what are we to do with them?  With this awareness, how are we to live? 

How do you live your ‘arch angel attributes’?  What doe sit mean to you to know you have ‘arch angel attributes’?

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