Living ‘The Creating Formula’ – The Prologue

So, the Angelic Realm, particularly the three angels who dictated this writing, recommended that my next step in bringing this information to the public is to live the information.  And so I shall.  The Angels (or The Team as I call them) have not let me down to date so why would I expect they would let me down now?

And so I began to explore the book from the perspective of a reader.  As is often the case for me, I tend to go to the Table of Contents and determine what is of most interest at that point. The first segment that caught my eye was The Prologue.  I turned to it and found the following in a Listen Up: “Considerthe possibilities of a life of bliss and joy and delight and abundance”. And so I began to really consider what such a life would look like for me.  I began to view my life from the perspective of the Angelic Realm…to really see what they might be watching as I lived the life I am living.

And I can tell you that the view from their perspective is not very blissful or joyful or delightful and certainly not very abundant.  In fact, if that is the life I, as a soul, came to earth to experience I was doing a pretty poor job of making it happen.

And don’t get me wrong.  Prior to this viewing from the perspective of The Angelic Realm, I had pretty much thought that my life was going well.  I have a wonderful son, I am co-authoring with The Angelic Realm, and I have a delightful group of friends and acquaintances, and have wonderful experiences and adventures.  And yet, as good as this seems from my earth-bound perspective, from the Angelic perspective it is pretty measly. 

It was in this viewing that I began to understand, to really understand, all that the Angelic Realm might be bringing forth in the writing I had come to know as The Creating Formula.  With this insight, I began to explore the information in the book with more zest.

How does your life look from the perspective of The Angelic Realm?

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