Living ‘The Creating Formula’

As I indicated earlier, I do not typically read a book from cover to cover.  I typically review the Table of Contents and then see what calls to me.  So, I returned to the Table of Contents and scan the chapter titles.  The chapter that caught my eye was titled You are Creating that which is Not Known. 

Now how can that be?  Did I really write that?  I was beginning to think that this book was just a great hoax by the Angelic Realm, a trick on humanity.  With this attitude of ‘what in the heck is this’, I proceeded to read the chapter.
Due to the layout of the book, I was reminded of what my thinking was at the time the Angelic Realm or, better said, the three Angels who shared this information, was during this particular morning.  This was the slowest and most methodical of the sharing of information for the entire book. Even the chapter on Trust (and I do mean with a capital ‘T’) was communicated in a much easier format. 

In remembering this difference, it came as no surprise to me that this was the chapter which first leapt out for me to read as a reader, an absorber of knowledge.  And so I began to read. 

The first thing that jumped out at me is the statement by the Angels that ‘you have no real idea what you is being created’.   And further, ‘you do not often perceive correctly why that which is being created is being created’.  At this point in time, I am just a bit concerned.  If we don’t know what we are creating then how can we know what to create? 
Also, this was ‘pushing’ my control button.  I have spent years of my life in corporate America building and following both short-term and long-term plans.  I was having real trouble even contemplating, after all of that writing and all of those pretty binders (most of which were sitting on some shelf somewhere) that I had not real idea of what I was creating….how could that be?

I took a couple of deep breaths and returned to the book – confident in what the Angels were saying and really struggling with how to live it in a physical reality.  Was it possible that from the Angels perspective we don’t know and that we really do know?  Or, more likely, do we think we know and from the Angelic perspective, which I have been told over and over again is much farther seeing than our own, we really don’t know?  And how is it that so often we seem to create that which we thought we were creating? 

With these questions in mind I returned to the book…..

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