Living ‘The Creating Formula’: Creating in the ‘Not Knowing’

As I returned to reading, I simply had to ask the same questions again: How can it be that I co-authored this book and I am now reading it as if for the first time…when did The Angelic Realm slip this information in?  Has it been here all of the time? And why did I not take note and integrate it into my life before now?

The information I am referring to is the information on how to know, if we are creating in the not knowing, what we are creating.  And, of course, the Angelic Realm had a ready answer (Page 116 to be exact). The answer is that we are to simply trust our Soul Team (they covered this in an earlier chapter and I will return to it at a later time – yes, I am skipping around – it’s how I process) Trust.  For those who know me, you know that ‘Trust’ is pretty much a four letter word.  Maybe for all of you reading this, trust is a simple matter and you can turn your earth based life over to trust.  I am not one of those blessed individuals who seem able to do this.

When I hear the work ‘trust’ I tend to snarl just a bit and wonder what in the world could be so valuable about trusting.  (Oh, yes, that is another chapter – one that the Angelic Realm brought in at 35,000 feat no less).
In this context, the context of creating in the ‘not knowing’ the recommendation is to simply trust our Soul Teams and our agenda and ourselves.  And I asked, what happens when I don’t trust?  What happens then?  Again, I am well versed in six-month, one year, and five-year plans, so this concept of creating in the ‘not knowing’ was a bit challenging to get my brain around.

And Their answer is that by allowing and trusting, the outcomes are significantly greater than any plan we could have created.  And, by greater they meant that the plans were more in alignment and in manifesting capability than would have been  possible in my planning process.

Hmmm…I decided to let this set a bit and went on reading.

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