Living ‘The Creating Formula’: A Cosmic Mulligan

So, staying with the chapter which states that we creating in the ‘not knowing’ I continued on doing my very best to understand what which seemed a bit circular.  And, just as I was thinking this, I read the section about not allowing the Mental Ego (oh, there are two Ego’s in this book – another surprise and one that I caught while they were dictating). 

Their very words are: “do not let your Mental Ego play its silly circular games with this concept” (p 118).  How did They know this would happen?  And yes, you are correct, I have not progressed much from the last post. 
Then, as I was reading along, they brought in the concept of ‘cosmic mulligans’.  Cosmic mulligans? What in the heck were they?  I know a mulligan. Given my golf game, I have had many mulligans.  And now there are cosmic mulligans?  What a concept.  And, just like in golf, a mulligan is a do-over with costs.  In golf, the cost of a mulligan is twofold – an extra stroke and the possibility that the second shot will not be any better (in fact might be worse) than the first shot.

Per the Angelic Realm, cosmic mulligans are called re-creatings and are much the same as golf mulligans.  They are do over’s in the world of our actions and creatings.  So, if I have created something (in the not knowing – remember that) and don’t like what I have created and understand better what my Soul Self really wants to create, then I can take a cosmic mulligan.  And, as with a golf mulligan, there are two potential costs – the time and energy and karma a re-creating might entail as well as the potential of having no better outcome than the first creating. 

OK – I am intrigued and my brain is totally full.  It is now time to sleep and see how I feel about all of this in the morning.

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