Living ‘The Creating Formula’: Meditating

As usual, I was awakened around 4:30.  Knowing I would not be able to go back to sleep, I went to my meditation space and settled into meditate.  While I was scanning The Creating Formula, I noted some information about the energy flow from The Universe as it relates to the formula.  I had remembered that section of the writing as it was connected to my logo (which amazed me) and I figured this morning was the perfect morning to practice this energy pattern.

Specifically, the energy pattern speaks to opening either the crown chakra or the root chakra and bringing in either Cosmic/Universal Energy or Earth Energy.  Then, to bring this energy to the creating center in our physical bodies (called the ‘fire in the belly’).  With this energy pouring into the creating center, to begin to draw in all that each of our Soul Teams have selected for us from the Field of Infinite Possibilities.  The visual for this accepting of the gifts from our Soul Team is the infinity symbol. 
Once all of this activity is moving along and the breathing continues to be slow and deep, to offer into the world the resulting energy from this merging of Soul Team Gifts, Cosmic Energy, Physical Energy, and Earth Energy.  And, with this offering, to engage the Law of Attraction.  Oh, and a step I nearly forgot, which is to connect to one or more intentions, stated in as general and expansive a manner as possible, to this energy gathering and melding and expanding process.
I proceeded to follow this process during my meditation.  In fact, it became my meditation as the flow of energy and the blending of energy took me out of the physical and into what I like to call the cosmic moment.  When I returned to being grounded in my physical self, nearly forty minutes had passed (I can typically meditate for about fifteen minutes at time) and I was really energized.   What an amazing experience. And somehow I knew there had been a shift in my sub consciousness regarding alignment.  I can’t really say more…just a sense.

And you might ask me why I had not practiced this before…good question.  I can only answer that sometimes that which we receive easily goes by the wayside without acknowledgement.  I now acknowledge the Angelic Realm for a really dynamic meditation practice and for this beautiful gift of information.

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