Living ‘The Creating Formula’ – Trust

And it came to my attention, thanks to my Team of Angels, that besides living The Creating Formula I might also want to journal a bit of information.  The exact words were “You are not that good to remember all we are providing you.  That is the reason we create and provide journals – so you in humanity are able to reflect upon the information we have provided and integrate it into your much slower existence on earth.”

So, I picked up The Journal of Trusting (the name was Their idea) and began to consider it.  As I sat there with it on my lap, I turned it over.  I remembered how the wonderful lady assisting me in publishing both the book, The Creating Formula, and the journal, The Journal of Trusting, had said, at rather the last minutes, that we needed to have something on the back cover of  the journal.  We sat there talking more and I told her I had to get off the phone as the ‘Boys’ (also what I call my non-physical support team) were pouring in the information for the back cover. Approximately ten minutes later I sent her the information, she was delighted, and it became the back cover. And now, I was turning it over and remembering the information.

The back cover begins: 

Trust is the foundation for Creating;

Creating is the reason you (humanity) are in an earth experience;

The earth experience supports the evolution of the Soul;

And the evolution of Your Soul is blessed by The Divine/The All.

And with this information, I simply sat and considered. If you were to sit and consider this one phrase, what would it bring to your mind?  To your living?  To your way of presenting yourself in the world?

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3 Responses to “Living ‘The Creating Formula’ – Trust”

  1. roulette cheat Says:

    Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this by myself.

    • shiftguru Says:

      Sometimes it does seem to be just this simple. And, if you are feeling a littel stupid, know that you are not alone. Shifting our beliefs from what is currently our societal norm to what is being shared in this writing and others is not easy. We are well steeped in ‘the norm’.
      Thank you for your comment.

    • shiftguru Says:

      No need to feel stupid. I woke up this morning and realized I had not connected with my non-physical Team this week – no wonder it was such a challenging week.

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