What is this issue of Trust?

And I thought I had spent enough time on ‘trust’  within the context of The Creating Formula. I was corrected by my Guides.  So I returned to the back cover of The Journal of Trusting and spent more time in contemplation. 

What is this issue of trust?  How far will the trust factor take us?  What is the balance point between trust of the non-physical and living in the physical?  Or is there a balance point?  These and many other questions entered my mind when I was directed back to the topic of ‘trust’.

I decided my best approach was to spend some time in meditation.  I love to meditate on a topic. I am not so good just meditating to be meditating.  With this juicy topic, my expectation was that the meditation would be very active and insightful.  And I was not disappointed.

In the meditation I was directed back to The Journal of Trusting  and its back cover.  I focused on the second part of the verbiage on the back cover: 

Through trust you create that which you perceive to be impossible;

Through trust you become the physical being you created yourself to be;

Through trust you optimize your time on Plante Earth.

Trust is the key – to a dynamic life, to a happy Soul; to connection with The Divine/The All.

OK, so trust does create an intersection between the non-physical and the physical.  OK, so trust can create in the physical.   OK, so trust can most likely move mountains and through trust I can most likely create some dynamic experiences in my life.  But how does one go about trusting.  I am not one for blind trust…I did not come to a free-will universe to engage in blind-trust.

How do we go about this process to really bring it into our daily living?  That (and many more) were my questions.  What are yours?

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