Trust can move Mountains

So many questions and so few answers!  I don’t know about you but that is how I feel so much of the time as I am traversing my own path.  The questions are so real and the answers can impact my life so distinctly that I become just a bit bummed when I do not receive or perceive the answers.

In the matter of trust, I moved to the book The Creating Formula and found a chapter focused on trust.  I remember writing that chapter; I remember how impressed I was with the information; and somehow I overlooked the possibility of living it in my life.  I even remember there being insights on living the life of our dreams by ‘moving mountains’. 

Moving mountains.  I know that The Bible refers to moving mountains and I never did either understand or really believe it possible.  So I found that discussion by The Angelic Realm on page 185. And dang, in looking for the ‘moving mountains’ section, I found much more information which I will share later.

What The Angelic Realm is saying about moving mountains is: “Trust can move mountains because We (The Angelic Realm) are able to assist the mountains in moving.  And no, We (The Angelic Realm) does not really move the mountains, they shift the perspective of there even being mountains.”

I had forgotten.  The mountains do not really move (as I understand it), we simply shift our perspective of there even being mountains.  Hmmm…so, this means that by trusting in my Guides and guidance and in my own ability (with Their assistance) to create the life I desire, that my perspective of the mountains move.

I am now going to spend some time with this concept and see how well I can sink it into my knowing.  I expect you already knew this and that this is where I am a slow study.  If not, I invite you to do the same. 

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