Living in Trust

“When you live in trust and you do believe, you allow to come into your being the information of the believing and of the trusting.  Then the cosmic energy of the believing and the trusting provides you with the connections and the ability to begin creating with The Divine/The All.”

I sat with this short paragraph (page 184 of The Creating Formula) and considered…simply considered what all it might mean in my life to truly live in trust.  My thoughts ran from the possibility that I would never be in doubt or self-created fear again and how wonderful that would be to the conversations I would have with friends and how, when they brought up their concerns I would simply either become frustrated with them or not even be able to identify with them. 

As I reflected upon the conversations I had enjoyed at a recent gathering of other authors and friends, I reflected upon how much of our conversations (and yes, I was right in there with the crowd despite having co-authored this book) were fear or worry or concern based. 

Would living in trust, really living in trust, create a life where I am spending no energy on worry or doubt or fear?

Would living in trust, really living in trust, allow me to see all that is possible and to perceive what best serves my agenda without concern for the perceptions of others? 

Would living in trust allow me to really launch this beautif?ul sharing from The Angelic Realm?

Or, and I know this statement is not being made from a high trusting position, are all of these possibilities and potentials really a cop-out to creating life on the Earth Plane? 

Wow, what I expected to become clear is really much less than clear.  So, what I think I am going to do is to spend the next three days living in trust and report back to you on how it is going.  Does that work?  Want to spend three days living in trust with me and let me know how it is going?

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