The Creating Formula – My First ‘Ah-hah’s’

I think it is funny in life how events occur which at the time we have no concept of what is occurring (we do create in the not-knowing) and that we look lack upon later to begin to see what the event was really about …what the creating which the event was a part of was really in alignment with . 
And so it is that TJ Phillips interviewed me about The Creating Formula this past Thursday.  I used the interview, at TJ’s request, on my show Thank God It’s Friday the next day.  That was a pretty normal occurrence.  It is simply that since the interview, concepts and idea and remembering have been occurring.  It is this remembering that I did not expect or anticipate.

My first remembering is of the morning wake up calls. Yes, it was no fun getting up at 4:30 in the morning to start up a computer and go into light trance. And yet, I rather miss the conversations.  This has occurred to me twice now and both times it began in the fall and continued into the winter.  I wonder if there is something about the air then or why that seems to be the pattern.

Second, I remembered some of my first ‘ah-hah’s’.  It was really good to remember those and to reconnect with those moments of insight.  How seldom do we allow in those moments of deep insight.  And how well do we remember how powerful those moments can be. The moment of insight I am thinking of most is the awareness that I am not a soul in the physical who is attempting an agenda alone. I have a Team.  Given the shifts that are occurring at record speed, I really like the idea of having a team.

And that is where I am returning to the book, The Creating Formula, to the chapter on Soul Team.
The chapter on being a part of a soul team is entitled ‘You are a Soul with a Soul Team’. I had heard of Soul Groups and Soul Families, but I had never heard of a Soul Team.

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