The Creating Formula – A Soul Team

When I asked what a Soul Team was and how it was formed, I remember sitting in utter amazement. What I heard from the Angelic Realm is that a Soul Team is a group of souls, of which each of our Soul’s is a member.  The Soul Team is created based upon the agenda for the entire Team.  As the ‘souls in the physical’ we have a particular responsibility to the Team.  All other members of the Team, not in the physical, also have particular responsibilities to the Team and to the agenda.  In this way, we (the soul in the physical) have a group of seven to nine other souls who are supporting the agenda…we are a Team.  And thus the term Soul Team. 

This concept created a number of possibilities for me.

First, if I am operating with a Team, then I am not operating alone.   And, if I am not operating alone in the accomplishing of an agenda, then there just might be more possibility that the agenda would be accomplished.                                                                                       

Second, if I am not operating alone then I feel that I have responsibilities to the other Souls on the Soul Team and to their evolution.  For, if I understood it correctly from the Angelic Realm, all members on a Soul Team learn and evolve from the process of living and accomplishing the agenda.  Thus, as the soul in the physical, if I do not act upon (in the physical) what is intended by the Team, then by my lack of action I am impacting the growth and evolution of the other Soul Team members.

Wow – the first awareness felt really good.  The second feels a lot of responsibility. When I noted this to the Angels I deal with, their simple reply was ‘yes’.  The soul in the physical is responsible for creating in the physical.  The Team is formed around an agenda of creating in the physical.  Therefore, if the soul in the physical decides they do not want to create that which is intended and in alignment with the agenda of the Team, then the whole team suffers.
This sheds an entirely different light on what I perceive to be my responsibility.  This awareness causes me to begin to take even greater notice of the information I am receiving from the Angelic Realm – from my Soul Team.

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