The Creating Formula – My Own Soul Team

So, as I understand it from the Angelic Realm, when we, as a soul, decide or agree (whichever is the case) to return for another experience or learning, there is a Soul Team developed who also is in alignment with the experience.  Each soul, by being a member of the Team, has a particular responsibility to the Team and a particular learning or experience they are intending as being a part of the Team.

The Team begins to form us when a soul (that would be when each of us agreed to return to the earth plane for another incarnation) agrees to return to a physical form for a learning or experience. (Note – my perception is that the words ‘learning’ and ‘experience’ are basically interchangeable.) And the Team members are selected based upon their state of evolution and how their current states of evolution support the agenda and their own learning (a win-win-win).                                                                                                                            
In the writing The Creating Formula the Angelic Realm provides an example of a Soul Team which was formed up for the soul the Angels knew as Abundance.  In this example, the Angelic Realm noted the attributes that were necessary for the optimum creating of an agenda and how the Soul Team was created using the attributes the soul named Abundance was also bringing to the Team.

I remember bringing in this information; being amazed at the concept; and then beginning to consider what my Soul Team might look like, what attributes the various members would have.  Of course, this considering lead back to my pondering what my agenda is for this earth iteration.  And then I began to consider how I might be or not be communicating with my Soul Team. And, yes, I have declared that I have a team and have embraced that fact.                                                                                                                                                 
I found this considering to be an amazing process.  First, I considered what I thought my agenda is; then I considered what attributes I am bringing to the completion of my agenda; and then I began to consider what attributes the other Team members might be bringing. 

Finally, I considered how infrequently I am in communication with my Team and how silly I am to not be optimizing this support.

What are your considerings?  What attributers do you bring to your agenda? What attributes does your Team bring?

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