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Being Mindful of Mountains

August 30, 2010


As I was driving in Rocky Mountain National Park the other day, it came to be just how powerful the mountains are in our lives.  We allow these awesome mountains, some made of stone and others of simply trash that our minds have piled up, to determine the paths we take in our life.

If you were to consider the mountains in your life…the mountains that have been created through your belief systems and through the beliefs held by society, you just might begin to understand why your life feels so difficult…so challenging…so ‘in the dark’ for mountains can take the light out of your world. (more…)


The Value of Fear

August 27, 2010

Fear is taking quite a beating these days.  In fact, fear is being blamed for just about anything one can imagine from warto the right parking spot not being available.  We are giving fear a great deal of respect and blame. And yet, as with all other elements of life, fear is valuable when it is not running the show.  Fear is only as fearful as we allow it to be; fear tells us much about ourselves and the life around us; fear is the prompter to action and to awareness.

Instead of using fear as something to blame, allow fear to propel you to awareness – of all that is, of all that you are, of all that is possible.  Allow that which can take you to a place of nothingness to shine on your entirety – your ‘allness’! (more…)

The Art of Allowing

August 25, 2010

As I was meditating early this morning, my Team came in with information on what They call the Art of Allowing. 

The Art of Allowing is truly an art form for life.  As They explained, the Art of Allowing and our ability to practice it determines the outcome of our perceptions about life.  Where other beliefs are necessary to our optimum creating, the Art of Allowing is critical to our perceptions of what is occurring in our lives.

As I understood Them really early this morning, the Art of Allowing is what we practice when we perceive that knowing is a limitation in our life; when we consider the possibilities from all angles; and the outcomes that we magnetize when we allow plenty of room for more than one deliverable from The Angelic Realm. (more…)

Meditating from the Heart

August 23, 2010

I had the opportunity to meet E Smith and Bettsee Gotwald the other day.  We have each published books dealing with shifting perspectives on life and living.  I really enjoy connecting with individuals like E and Bettsee as i have found I learn something with each encounter.

Today I spent time with them, understanding more about their heart meditation and their Stimulus Package for The Soul Tour.  As seems to always be the case for me, I came away from that conversation feeling better about the world and all it has to offer at this amazing time in our history.

The statement that E made which really impacted my perception is the concept of bringing our meditations out of our head and into our heart. In that way, we do not need to ‘quiet our mind’ rather, we simply have the possibility of shifting our focus.  I expect it is rather like the focus on the breathing as it is also heart based although it feels like it is occurring in our head some times. (more…)

Playing with The Angelic Realm

August 20, 2010

It is not uncommon for someone to ask me what it is like to connect to the Angelic Realm….to ask what is it like to be in relationship with The Realm.  When that question comes up I wonder myself what it is that makes The Realm such an interesting group of energies.

So, I asked them – The Angelic Realm – what they would like to share with the world in regards to connecting with them.

And the one word they shared is Play…come play with Us, play with the possibilities We present, play with the knowing of all that We can provide if only a relationship is established.  Play.

And so, I recommend we all create a relationship with The Realm that involves play…and enjoy our lives even more.

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Life is Not as You Perceive It

August 18, 2010

‘Life is not as you perceive it’…those were the words I awoke with this morning.  What a way to begin a day.  Life is not as I perceive it.  Well, if it is not as I perceive it, then what is different.  And the communication went empty and blank.  What a unique group of Angels I was dealing with this morning.

So I began my day with this thought swirling in my head…with this possibility.  I began to think about what I did perceive in life. As I noticed my thoughts, I reflected on all of those things about the world that I see and then create perceptions about.  And then, with those perceptions create awareness and either low-frequency fear or high frequency joy.  Interesting. (more…)

The Impact of The Veil

August 16, 2010

Suffice it to say that life has been more than interesting of late.  My Team (The Boys) have been very vocal, presenting many different perspectives and possibilities for me to consider.  Some of these, as with the last post, are difficult to understand how to bridge to living in the physical and some are down right challenging for me to wrap my brain around.

The latest piece of information was shared in a dream last night.  I have written and am in the rewriting phase of my first book, The Light Won. As I have been considering this book and what the editors are suggesting I shift in my approach to the information, it has become clear that I desperately need some insights into what The Angelic Realm was intending with the sharing of the message.

And some of this clarity was shared last night.  Specifically, ‘The Light’ in The Light Won  is the becoming aware of what our souls know…of what The Angelic Realm is calling ‘the knowing’. And, it seems that becoming consciously aware of all that our souls know, from centuries of iterations on earth and other locations; from many visits to what I generically call Soul Space, and of the greater plan and agenda for us each.  And this is all becoming accessable as the veil thins and finally drops. (more…)

When the Visuals are not Understandable

August 13, 2010

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the visuals my Angelic Team (The Boys) bring in are not at all understandable.  The most recent example is really perplexing me and causing me a great deal of thought.

The visual is of five or seven (I don’t know if the number is of significance) levels of 20,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.  The puzzles are hovering in the air so I can see all of the levels at once.  When I was growing up, my Grandma Fenn, who loved games, would challenge me and my other cousins to a game of Tic-tac-toe played on an acrylic playing surface that had three levels.  The challenge was to play all levels and between the levels simultaneously. Grandma Fenn was very good and I don’t remember winning…I just remember having a great deal of fun playing. 

Anyway, the visual was similar only different.  Instead of three levels, there were between five and seven and instead of a simply Tic-Tac-Toe game there were jigsaw puzzles of mammoth proportion.  And then the visual really began to become interesting.  Specifically, whenever we set a plan into motion, it was like a wad of clay would materialize.  It would be rather round, about the size of a large marble, and it would simply hover beside the puzzles.  (more…)

Replacing the ‘Coat of Hard’

August 11, 2010

Today has been a magical day.  I spent time with people and enjoyed the world at large.  When I came home, I fixed myself a snack and sat reflecting upon the day.  In my line of vision was a poster – better said, the prototype of a poster – that I am having made in relation to the book, The Creating Formula and the soon to be released Belief Shift Oracle Deck.  As I sat there, munching on some veggies, I reflected upon the fact that what I had understood as the major beliefs to hold to be and to live and to create as the magnificent creating individuals we are do not exist in the core of our society.

Quiet the opposite, it seems that many are intentionally diminished.  Why would we create a society that is not intended to support us to be the very best we can be?  What is the benefit?  Is there really so much value in hard work and overcoming obstacles that we are willing to agree to a society who diminishes the very core of our essence? (more…)

Interaction of Your Soul Team and The Angelic Realm

August 9, 2010

As I was meditating last evening, a question came to my mind.  What is the relationship between my Soul Team and the Angelic Realm?  Were they one in the same?  Are Angels Souls who are also on Soul Teams?  What is all of this about?  It seems to me that no matter how many people I talk to everyone has a different idea….what is the story from the Angelic Realm?

And thus the conversation began.  In a nut shell (for it was a rather long discussion), what I understood is that A Soul Team is a group of souls who all have the same agenda…the same need for an experience.  As such, each has their own role depending upon what their learning is to be from that agenda.  One of the members is in the physical for that is the learning they are seeking (at a Soul level) from the agenda.  (more…)