The Creating Formula – Soul Team Attributes

Several of you have asked me:  “What I mean by ‘Soul Member attributes’.  What do I mean by my own personal attributes?  And how these attributes interact with each other and with the Team’s agenda.”

These are all great questions and questions I had for my Angelic Team who provided the information for the writing of the book The Creating Formula. In fact, there were so many discussions around this topic due in large part to my interest in the topic, that we created an appendix at the back of the book listing a sample of ‘Team attributes’.  For me, this was a new concept and one that was not necessarily easy to wrap my brain around.  So we came back to the discussion of Teams and how they are formed and why this is the process and what the attributes are many times. 

So, what is meant by ‘Soul Team attributes’ is the energetic attributes that we each carry and exude. Think about people you know and make a list of the attributes of each of those individuals.  You might begin with funny or humorless, and then move on to good with kids, good at math, poor in interpersonal communication, etc. etc.
What I found amazing is that even the perceived lesser attributes are important in the optimizing of a team to accomplish an agenda. ‘Nice’ or ‘accomplished’ are not the only attributes desired.  If I have understood the Angels correctly, not nice, not accomplished, and many attributes which we, in the physical, perceive to be ‘less than’ are very important in the accomplishing of an agenda.

Remember, an agenda is a learning, an experience, a progression of evolving. As such, it does not only include the rosy parts of life.  It often and, as I was told, nearly always includes challenges.  How the Team optimizes and experiences those challenges (imaging optimizing a challenge) is based largely upon the manner in which the Team works together.  And, for all of you reading this, we in the physical are most often the rogue members of the Team.

So, here we are with one of the most challenging responsibilities of the Team – the responsibility to create in the physical for the entire Team.  And then we don’t communicate or connect or utilize the attributes of the Team.  All because we think we are in this world alone – we think we have an agenda that is particular to only us – we think and don’t feel!

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