A Role of Your Soul Team

One of the many roles your Soul Team plays is choosing thoughts and actions for you from the Field of Infinite Possibilities.  You, of course, as a divine Soul, have the ability to do your own choosing.  And, with so much else on your plate, the Angelic Realm wonders why you don’t simply see what your Soul Team – that would be the Team who has a much different (shall we call it higher) perspective than you do in the physical – has selected for you given what they know of the past and of the future.

And yet, we humans seem to either make our own selection from the Field of All Possibilities or may no selection from the Field, for there are many Souls in a human body who have forgotten that the Field exists, much less is available. 

And so, we seem to either choose something that we, from our limited perspective, believe is best or choose nothing at all.  Silly us!

What I have been dealing with lately is seeing all that my Soul Team has selected and not knowing what to do with all of the selections I am not going to use in the moment.  In fact, I have felt like I needed to deal with all of the possibilities presented to me and have felt more than overwhelmed.  And the Angels reminded me to simply select one, any one, for any of the choices presented to me are very viable given my intentions and my Soul agenda.

When i asked what happens to those I did not choose, the answer was simple.  They return to the Field of Infinite Possibilities and are selected once again when they are appropriate.

So, what possibilities are your Soul Team presenting to you?  And how are you making the choice of what you select from those possibilities? 

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