The Relationship between Trust and Divine Timing

As you all know, I have my issues with Trust.  For me it is often a four-letter word, if you know what I mean.  And then, to have The Team begin a dissertation on the relationship between Trust and Divine Timing – what a challenge.  As I discovered through this conversation, it is no wonder I also have a challenge with Divine Timing.

Divine Timing, as I understood the conversation, is when we allow our  higher knowing and our Soul Teams (of which we are a member) to identify the best timing rather than our left brain, mental ego plan.  Further, they shared that when we, in the physical, are able to allow Diving Timing to occur, the outcomes are typically infinitely greater than our linear, left brain plan.

So, how do Diving Timing and Trust interrelate?  They interrelate because it takes trust in the non-physical to allow Divine Timing to supersede our left brain linear plans.  That is why.  And for me, that explains why I have such a difficult time with Divine Timing!

Perhaps you do not have a challenge.  If not, let me know how you do it…and please do not use the ‘T’ word.  That would only frustrate me further.

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