Replacing the ‘Coat of Hard’

Today has been a magical day.  I spent time with people and enjoyed the world at large.  When I came home, I fixed myself a snack and sat reflecting upon the day.  In my line of vision was a poster – better said, the prototype of a poster – that I am having made in relation to the book, The Creating Formula and the soon to be released Belief Shift Oracle Deck.  As I sat there, munching on some veggies, I reflected upon the fact that what I had understood as the major beliefs to hold to be and to live and to create as the magnificent creating individuals we are do not exist in the core of our society.

Quiet the opposite, it seems that many are intentionally diminished.  Why would we create a society that is not intended to support us to be the very best we can be?  What is the benefit?  Is there really so much value in hard work and overcoming obstacles that we are willing to agree to a society who diminishes the very core of our essence?

Or, perhaps it is that the time is now to simply shed the ‘coat of hard’ and embrace the possibilities of magnificent.  If I were to visualize the ‘coat of hard’ it would be scratchy wool, heavy, worn and with great weight and little value in keeping out the winter wind or my own misgivings on myself and life. 

When I imagine the cloak of magnificence, I see that there are many possibilities depending upon what type of magnificence we each desire in each moment. I imagine a cloak of a shimmering type of material which allows each of us our own uniqueness while still appearing consistent in its approach to life. 

I wonder what it will be like to really relinquish the ‘coat of hard’ and embrace the ‘cloak of magnificence’?  I wonder just how deeply and how tenuously we hold on to ‘hard’.  Time will tell, will it not?

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