The Impact of The Veil

Suffice it to say that life has been more than interesting of late.  My Team (The Boys) have been very vocal, presenting many different perspectives and possibilities for me to consider.  Some of these, as with the last post, are difficult to understand how to bridge to living in the physical and some are down right challenging for me to wrap my brain around.

The latest piece of information was shared in a dream last night.  I have written and am in the rewriting phase of my first book, The Light Won. As I have been considering this book and what the editors are suggesting I shift in my approach to the information, it has become clear that I desperately need some insights into what The Angelic Realm was intending with the sharing of the message.

And some of this clarity was shared last night.  Specifically, ‘The Light’ in The Light Won  is the becoming aware of what our souls know…of what The Angelic Realm is calling ‘the knowing’. And, it seems that becoming consciously aware of all that our souls know, from centuries of iterations on earth and other locations; from many visits to what I generically call Soul Space, and of the greater plan and agenda for us each.  And this is all becoming accessable as the veil thins and finally drops.

I was rather hoping that when the veil dropped we would be able to clearly physically experience other beings.  When I shared this with My Team, they only chuckled.  They countered my request with the information that becoming aware of our Soul Knowing is tantamount to obtaining a PhD degree in the cosmos of life.

And now, I must confess, I am not so certain that I really want The Veil to become thinner and finally drop.  I am not certain all of that knowing is going to be so much fun.  Are you?

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