Life is Not as You Perceive It

‘Life is not as you perceive it’…those were the words I awoke with this morning.  What a way to begin a day.  Life is not as I perceive it.  Well, if it is not as I perceive it, then what is different.  And the communication went empty and blank.  What a unique group of Angels I was dealing with this morning.

So I began my day with this thought swirling in my head…with this possibility.  I began to think about what I did perceive in life. As I noticed my thoughts, I reflected on all of those things about the world that I see and then create perceptions about.  And then, with those perceptions create awareness and either low-frequency fear or high frequency joy.  Interesting.

And, in this day and age, with The Great Transition upon us and all of the economic turmoil, I am hopeful that my perceptions of the challenges we seem to have before us are inaccurage..taht my perceptions are not real.  “Life is not as you perceive it.”

So, if like is not as I perceive it, how might I perceive it differently?  And, if we are all perceiving it inaccurately as I am hearing from the Angelic Realm, is this inaccurate perception creating our reality?  If we were to change our perceptions, would our reality change?

And the answer I received from the Angelic Realm was a loud and resounding “YES.  Your perceptions create your reality.  Shift your perceptions and you will shift your reality.  And We tell you that life is not as you perceive it!”

So, for today, I am going to notice what I perceive to be my reality and then to track them back to my perceptions and then begin to consider other perceptions. If life can be perceived to be more joyful and fun (not a lot of that in the world right now) then this exercise, this experience is well worth the shift. 

What perspectives of  your life would you like to shift?

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