Playing with The Angelic Realm

It is not uncommon for someone to ask me what it is like to connect to the Angelic Realm….to ask what is it like to be in relationship with The Realm.  When that question comes up I wonder myself what it is that makes The Realm such an interesting group of energies.

So, I asked them – The Angelic Realm – what they would like to share with the world in regards to connecting with them.

And the one word they shared is Play…come play with Us, play with the possibilities We present, play with the knowing of all that We can provide if only a relationship is established.  Play.

And so, I recommend we all create a relationship with The Realm that involves play…and enjoy our lives even more.

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  2. Angelic and Heart Guided Meditation MP3 downloads | angeles attorney los tax Says:

    […] Playing with The Angelic Realm […]

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