Meditating from the Heart

I had the opportunity to meet E Smith and Bettsee Gotwald the other day.  We have each published books dealing with shifting perspectives on life and living.  I really enjoy connecting with individuals like E and Bettsee as i have found I learn something with each encounter.

Today I spent time with them, understanding more about their heart meditation and their Stimulus Package for The Soul Tour.  As seems to always be the case for me, I came away from that conversation feeling better about the world and all it has to offer at this amazing time in our history.

The statement that E made which really impacted my perception is the concept of bringing our meditations out of our head and into our heart. In that way, we do not need to ‘quiet our mind’ rather, we simply have the possibility of shifting our focus.  I expect it is rather like the focus on the breathing as it is also heart based although it feels like it is occurring in our head some times.

I will be, and I encourage each of you, to spend just a few minutes each day in heart based meditation. And, if you want to learn more, see if E and Bettsee are going to be in your town on their tour and enjoy the entire event.

What can it hurt to become more heart based?????

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