The Value of Fear

Fear is taking quite a beating these days.  In fact, fear is being blamed for just about anything one can imagine from warto the right parking spot not being available.  We are giving fear a great deal of respect and blame. And yet, as with all other elements of life, fear is valuable when it is not running the show.  Fear is only as fearful as we allow it to be; fear tells us much about ourselves and the life around us; fear is the prompter to action and to awareness.

Instead of using fear as something to blame, allow fear to propel you to awareness – of all that is, of all that you are, of all that is possible.  Allow that which can take you to a place of nothingness to shine on your entirety – your ‘allness’!

Imagine the most fearful situation you can even allow yourself  to think about.  Now, imagine what you might learn fromthat situation if you are not in its grip…if you are grounded and in your higher knowing and integrity.  Just imagine the information you would be receiving – about the world around you, about how you perceive your relationship of the world and of yourself, and of the options that you allow yourself to consider and the option you ultimately select.
If the scenario you are viewing is one that has occurred, compare the selection you made when in the grip of fear and the selection you just made when you were in alignment with your ‘allness’.  Compare and contrast.
And then decide how you want to relate to fear in the future. 

And then decide how you want to relate to fear after that future for this may take some practice.

Fear is not your enemy.  Fear is a process you choose to use for your own evolution.  Make use of it!

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