Being Mindful of Mountains


As I was driving in Rocky Mountain National Park the other day, it came to be just how powerful the mountains are in our lives.  We allow these awesome mountains, some made of stone and others of simply trash that our minds have piled up, to determine the paths we take in our life.

If you were to consider the mountains in your life…the mountains that have been created through your belief systems and through the beliefs held by society, you just might begin to understand why your life feels so difficult…so challenging…so ‘in the dark’ for mountains can take the light out of your world.

And, as the Angelic Realm often has the case to remind me, Trust can move mountains. 

When I was just a bit more dense than I am now, I really could not grasp that concept…trust can move mountains.  Now, working with my Guides and Team, I understand that it is through trust that we shift our beliefs and suddenly the mountains do move; the mountains do shift; and sometimes even, the mountains disappear all together.

So, which of your mountains are you ready to shift?  Which of your mountains are you ready to stop letting interfere with your life? Which of your mountains are you ready to engage and begin to dismantle, one self-sabotaging belief at a time?

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