Creating Paths Over Mountains

So it seems we are to stick with the concepts of the mountains in our lives.  And, with that concept in mind, the Angelic Realm would like to speak about creating paths over, around and/or through the mountains in your life, with their least recommended path to be ‘through the mountain’. 

Tunneling can be quite challenging and take a great deal of time.  As you only have to navigate beyond a particular mountain once in a lifetime, this is the least preferred method according to the Angelic Realm.  What The Realm does recommend is that we each create paths over our mountains. 

Mountains have a purpose in our lives as each belief we hold has a purpose.  Sometimes the purposes becomes jumbled, as a boulder field will become jumbled on a mountain side.  When this happens, it is our responsibility to either dismantle the mountain (again, not a first choice) or to navigate around the mountain (a second choice) or to navigate over the mountain (a first choice).

Navigating over a mountain is the recommended choice according to the Angelic Realm due to the fact that this path allows us each to see the summit of our mountain and to then decide what to do with our mountain (our beliefs, if you will).  By summiting our mountain of beliefs, they no longer hold the control, the intimidation or the power over us that they have in the other scenarios.

Which of your mountains would you like to create a path over? 

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