Summiting Your Mountains

And again, the Angelic Realm wishes to speak more about mountains; specifically about summiting any mountain you have created (and yes, They do tell me that we each create our own mountains) and that is now in the way of you living the life you desire…the life of your dreams.

Begin by assessing the mountain.  What beliefs does the mountain hold…what beliefs hold the mountain together? Of these beliefs, which ones are you ready and willing to shift?  Which ones can you imagine living your life without.

If you can not imagine shifting any beliefs that this mountain encompasses, then simply begin to determine what the path to the top of this mountain might be.  Begin to consider how you might reach the summit of this mountain.

And, a word of advice…whether you believe you are choosing to shift any beliefs as you go about reaching the summit of this mountain of beliefs, you are in fact going to shift a belief or two along the way.  I just thought you might like to know that. 

So, begin assessing this mountain of beliefs.  Begin to determine what route you may take up this mountain.  Seek you the mountaineer in yourself or in your friends and approach it as someone climbing Mt Everest might, for despite the size of your mountain, despite the age or height or ruggedness of your mountain, it may well be your Mt. Everest.

Begin here…the Angelic Realm will assist you as you progress.  Trust.  Remember….trust can move mountains.

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