Descending from The Summit

For any of you who have ever climbed a mountain in physical reality, or run a race of any length, or accomplished a difficult task, or shifting a long-held belief,  you know the feeling of summiting a mountain for these are all mountains in a life.  And, often, when one accomplishes great things, the descent can be a bit challenging.

It is the challenge of the descent that the Angelic Realm would like to address in relation to the mountains in your life.

The descent from a challenge of any type is often the most perilous of times.  On the climb, fear and doubt keep courage and fortitude in alignment with the task; on the summit, adrenaline from the climb and the accomplishment keep ego and soul in alignment.  It is on the descent that the natural elements which promote physical safety often are overlooked.

For this reason, the Angelic Realm would like you to consider the following steps for your descent from the summit of your mountain:

1. Notice how your footing is different; how your breathing has changed; and how your concept of the mountain have shifted.  It is in this noticing that you become aware of who you have become through this summit experience. In this noticing, reflect upon how you must pay attention as the new you is not yet skilled at descending this mountain.

2. Occasionally, turn around and view the summit from your new vantage point.  In this manner, you begin to remember the climb and in so doing, you remember the challenge with its accompanying safety factors.  By turning around and gazing back at the summit you return to your deeper knowing of all that has been accomplished.

3. And finally, remember your accomplishment and begin, on the descent, to strategize how you will shift your life due to this summit experience.  The strategy focus will keep your natural inclination to run headlong down the mountain in check.

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