Love from the perspective of the Angelic Realm

As I understand it, within the Angelic Realm the concept of love is much differnt than it is in our earth space. 

When the Angelic Realm speaks of love, they speak of creating a feel of connectedness and joy…a feeling of beauty and expansiveness.  And, they wonder why we have lost that part of our remembering.  I have told Them that we have not lost that part; rather, we have extended the love experience to include all of what they know it to be to also include a one-on-one intimate relationship.  I have told Them that on the earth plane, we like to have a significant partner or mate to experience all of with life.  And, due to this desire, we have included in the ‘love experience’ the complexity of a long-term one-on-one relationship.

And They simply shake their heads.  They simply wonder at what we are doing and why we have added this complexity (Their words). I remind them that the earth plane is a free will universe and that we have added this complexity due to the survival issues we face.  And then I ask Them if They could assist us with better understanding how to be in relationship – how to be in long-term healthy love…..

And Their answer is simple (as it often is). Their answer is to take relationships out of a duality model and replace it with a relationship model.

And I say…tell me more….what is relationship in a duality model?  What does a relationship look like in a relationship model? 

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