Love in Duality

Relationships are the key to our very existence – whether the relationship is with our intimate partner, our parents, siblings, children,co-workers or ourselves.  And it is for this reason that the element of duality is very important to consider in each of our relationships.

Duality is the manner in which many individuals live…in fact, it is the manner in which most individuals live. 

Duality states that one thing is good and another thing is bad; that one thing is worth working toward and another thing is not.

Duality frames all of our life existence.  And, because it frames our lives, it also frames our relationships.  Duality creates the conflict in all of our relationships…duality is the element that causes each and every one of our relationships to suffer; to shrivel; and to die. It is our commitment to duality, our commitment to being right in a relationship that causes us to not consider the other individual’s point of view…if it is different from our own.  Duality is the reason for fighting in relationships for most fighting is over a perceived difference…and often a perceived difference between what we think the other individual should or is thinking and what they really are thinking.

The Angelic Realm highly recommends we all cease and desist with duality in our relationships.  And, They would love it if we were to consider doing so in our daily living. 

To begin shifting from duality in relationships, begin by noticing each time you ‘think’ you know what the other individual is thinking.  Begin by noticing how often you decide what the other individual ‘should’ do. 

Each time you catch yourself in these two thinking patterns, shift your thinking.  You do not know what the other individual is thinking.  And you do not know the best action the other individual ‘should’ take.  You simply have your own perspectives on the situation. 

Consider this shift. It is major. It is huge. It is delightfully life changing.  Do you want to shift your relationships?

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