Love in Relationship

When we shift from perceiving love from a duality perspective – right and wrong, good and bad – and move into a relationship perspective, the outcome of a loving relationship shifts significantly.

When we approach relationship – again, all types of relationships – from the perspective of relationship, we allow all of the possibilities of that relationship to blossom and eventually to bloom.  We allow all of the greatness that can be gleaned from that relationship to come forth.

This does not mean that all relationships are going to be the end-all of life for each of us.  It simply means that when we address relationship from the perspective of relationship we allow the interaction to be all that it can be; we do not limit the interactions with confining thoughts and feelings. 

By approaching relationships through the perspective of relationship we allow all that is possible to be developed to develop – without relinquishing any of our perspectives or positions on life (unless we decide to because we have had the opportunity to experience another person’s perspective).

What does it mean to approach each relationship from the perspective of relationship? It means to honor each individual’s position in life.  In honoring each person’s position, we also honor each person’s perspectives (as well as our own).  In honoring both or all perspectives, we better understand the beliefs which are creating our perspectives.  By understanding our own beliefs better, we are able to make conscious choices about what we are deciding to believe.

It is amazing what occurs when we each approach life from a relationship standpoint.  Well? 

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