Shift to Self-Love

Self-love is very much a key to being in relationships.  If we do not love ourselves we can love no one else.  We can not find the love we need inside of us from the outside, no matter how wonderful the individual is; no matter how much we want them to fill the hole in our heart; no matter anything.  The only remedy for not loving yourself is to love yourself.

There are several approaches one can use to engage in self-love. Many have been written about in beautiful prose and poetry.  And, if you are like the vast majority of others, you have not yet mastered the formula for self-love.  From the perspective of the Angelic Realm this formula is very simple…in fact, it is a one step formula.

Decide that you are worthy of your own love!

Decide that you are perfect in your creation and that in your perfection you are worthy of your own love.

Look to all of your beliefs. Which ones do not support you loving yourself? Which ones do not support your perfection? Which ones do not support your worthiness? 

When you uncover one of these self-sabotaging beliefs, begin to dissect it. Determine how you accepted such silliness.  Decide the value of keeping such a belief (and yes, every belief has value), and then determine if you want to shift this belief to on which is more life-sustaining (as compared to life draining).  Once you have determined what you are willing to shift and the belief you desire to replace your existing self-sabotaging belief with, then shift away.

The more you shift into self-love and self acceptance, the more genuine and whole all of your relationships will be. Enjoy.

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One Response to “Shift to Self-Love”

  1. Johnie Gelos Says:

    I was walking at the mall when I saw a thief running towards the exit carrying a bag from a young woman . I was relieved that it wasn’t me whose bag was snatched but I felt sorry for the victim. Life in general can be unexpectedly harsh for some of us. I was observing my children playing by the lawn and they were so active playing with their toys. I always enjoy watching them as they are but every time I start thinking that they’ll be going to school before long worries me. Life in general can be very happy when you’re still young but things become difficult as you grow up.

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