Self-Love in Relationships

And society tells you that you are being selfish when you place love of self before love of relationships.  And We, the Angelic Realm, tell you that unless you place love of self before relationships your relationships do not have a chance of blossoming and growing. For, if you give up yourself or even put yourself into second place in a relationship, the relationship become unbalanced.

As we say this, be aware that we are not speaking of inconsiderate, self-centered love.  We are speaking of true self-love. The love that keeps you aware of your wholeness, your worthiness, your beauty as the being you are.  We are speaking of the love of self that allows you to shine and to grow.  We are speaking of the soul level love.

We are not speaking of the love that is fear based. Fear based love is the type of love the most of you are well too aware of.  Fear based love is the love that is hurtful to others, to yourself, and to your relationships.  Fear based love has mantras with words like ‘should’ and ‘if he/she cared’ and ‘they don’t love me enough’.  These are the tell-tale words used by the ego as it tries to feel safe. 

The only safely in a relationship comes when you are in self-love…when you love yourself…for only then are you truly going to be satisfied by and in the relationship. 

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