Beliefs about Money – The Great Depression

Have you ever wondered what your beliefs are regarding money?  Have you ever taken stock of what money – and the lack or amassing of wealth – truly mean to you from the perspective of your beliefs? 

Most people have never taken stock of their beliefs around money.  Most people simply take for granted that money does as it does and they have to respond…when, in fact, each of your beliefs about money determine whether you create financial abundance in your life of not.  Your beliefs about money and financial strength (or weakness) determine what you will create in your life as it relates to money.

Isn’t that a bummer, particularly for those of us who were raised by parents who lived during the time of the Great Depression and created beliefs around money during that time.  For those of us (and I put myself into that group) who have parents who lived through the Great Depression, we have a very limited and almost sacred view of money.

If you are reading this any saying…No, I don’t have a view based upon any beliefs that may have been created by the Great Depression…and you are not well situated financially, I am going to challenge you to take another look at your beliefs. If you do not have adequate financial means and resources in your life, then you ‘depression based’ parents created a lack mentality around money.  And we, due to our age and the way youngsters take in information, created similar beliefs. 

Consider your beliefs around money – look first to how effective you have been at creating money – and begin to consider your next step.  Shifting your self-sabotaging beliefs around the creating of money is well worth the effort.  Consider such a shift.

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