Do You Believ You are Healthy

To believe or not to believe, that is the question.  Further, to believe you are innately healthy or that your are innately unhealthy is a second question. And your beliefs in these arenas determine a great deal of what you experience in life.

This is why family health history has such an impact.  A portion of the impact to your health is the actual genetics.  The greatest impact to your health is what you believe.  If you have been brought up in a family with diabetes, you most likely heard, at a young age, the family history of diabetes…and you concluded that if the family has diabetes and you are a member of your family, then you will have diabetes.  And so it goes. 

When you listen to what people say about family genetics and it is easy to see why the belief of illnesses following a family line can become so deeply ingrained that they are self-creating. 

And that is an example of the impact of beliefs on your health as it relates to family history.

What is the health history of your family ‘story’?  When did you accept that ‘story’ as the truth about you health potentials?  And, when did you create yourself in the family reality????

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