When Opportunity Calls – How Do You Respond

Opportunity is an amazing friend or foe.  Opportunity, as I define it, is when we have wished for something, hoped for something, intended something to happen and then it does….and we are not always ready to accept it.

Yesterday, opportunity came calling and I accepted the call.  And, once I had answered and accepted the opportunity, all the fears and self-sabotaging beliefs kicked in.  Luckily, due to my coaching practice, I knew how to deal with each and every one.  I began by writing down all of the thoughts in my head – the mentalities as my Team calls them.

Then I went on to dig a bit deeper – to see if I could identify a belief or two that was bringing the thought into place.  You know those beliefs.  They sound like this….’you can’t do that’…’what are you thinking saying yes, you will fall flat on your face”…’think of what everyone will say – they will say you are overstepping yourself’…’they will laugh when you don’t succeed, when you fall flat on your face”…’this is for someone else, not for you’…and on and on and on.

You know the voice and you can pretty much predict what it is going to say.  You have heard it a million times.  Anytime you are about to break out of your normal pattern, to create the life you desire, the voice begins and you return.

Consider saying ‘yes’ to your next opportunity and then telling that obnoxious voice to be silent and allow life to unfold.

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