The Value of Overwhelm

It seems today that everyone is feeling overwhelmed – with the economic challenges; job pressures, and the changing times we are living in.  What is most interesting is that we seem to perceive this feeling of overwhelm as a bad thing. Perhaps instead we might want to consider the feeling of overwhelm as a very good sign – a good sign that we are moving along in our evolution.

What causes the feeling of overwhelm is moving into a new place or position in life and not releasing the old position.  It is like trying to put too many marbles in a bag or too many cloths into a suitcase.  The outcome is struggle and nothing working – marbles escaping and cloths and the suitcase itself being stressed to the max.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, congratulate yourself on your evolutionary progress. And then release something of your old life that you are doing by habit rather than by need.  Perhaps there is a group you attend that you have grown beyond, perhaps there is a process you follow that is not supporting the new you.

Release these reminders of the old you, the you before you took this step in your evolution, and release the feeling of being overwhelmed.  And thank that feeling for its information about your own growth and evolution.

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5 Responses to “The Value of Overwhelm”

  1. T. Michael Burke Says:

    I don’t believe it has to be as such, but too often we change only when the pain of holding on exceeds the fear of letting go.

    T. Michael

    • shiftguru Says:

      Hello Michael,
      You are quite right in my perception. We too often hold on and live in overwhelm when we could release. The visual is of a trapeze artist who does not let go of the one bar when the next one comes up…and then they just hang there in the middle.
      Have an awesome da.

  2. Cindy Morris Says:

    Too true! When I feel overwhelmed I start cleaning and tossing – closets. fridge – any place that I store things I don’t need. As soon as I start cleaning and clearing out in one place opportunities start opening in other places. Amazing how that works- and so simple!

    • shiftguru Says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your life experiences. Cleaning and clearing, whether of our mind or our living environment are truly the key to staying out of overwhelm.
      Thank you – Barbara Joye

  3. avg free download Says:

    hope and change

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