The Belief: No One Will Hire Me

How many of you have heard your friends say aloud or yourself say in your mind: “In this economy, I had better keep my job.  If I don’t I will never get hired.  No one will want to hire me!”  And, of those friends (or self), how often does this seem to be true?

In a world of unemployment in the double digits, it also means there is employment in the double fact, much higher double digits than the unemployment.  And yet, we listen to the doomsday reports and believe them.  We listen, and go into fear, and stay where we are, and wonder why life is so dull and uninteresting.  And then, for some, depression sets in.

And yet, there are individuals being hired every day.  If you talk to many employers, they are having difficulty finding talented individuals.  Those individuals who feel they are talented (really feel and believe it) are being snatched up.  The rest of the unemployed or underemployed are sending out resumes with a defeatist attitude and lo and behold, they do not get the job.

If you are looking for a change of employment or employment status, consider shifting some of your perspectives about employment; about your talents; and about the role of news reporting in our society at this time and reconsider how many options you have. 

How would you like to consider shifting those beliefs? 

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

This information is addressed in The Creating Formula.  To hear a chapter or two, go to

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2 Responses to “The Belief: No One Will Hire Me”

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