Belief: I am Dumb and Ugly

I perceive that most of us have had this thought at one time or another in our lives.  I perceive that deep in most of our psyches we still believe this although we are very good at not showing it.  In fact, most ego-centric actions deal with beliefs like ‘I am Dumb; I am Ugly; No One Likes Me; I am Un-lovable.’  The song ‘Everybody hates me, nobody loves me, guess I’ll just go eat worms….says in our memory due to these beliefs and perceptions of self.

Put downs that we lay onto others are due to this inner perception/belief.  Our inner guidance tells us that if we can make someone else the focus of shame then perhaps no will look at us. 

How much more delightful would the world be IF we were able to see our own inner greatness and beauty. And, through this ability and acceptance, are able to see the inner wonder of others.

Just consider this for a moment and then, deep breath, consider accepting yourself as wonderful and beautiful and smart and incredible.  Just for a moment. No shame.  No guilt.  No caveats.  Just accept.

OK – the moment is over.  You are free to go back to your old way of thinking.  If you do, I only have one question…Why?

How would you like to consider shifting your beliefs? 

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

This information is addressed in The Creating Formula.  To hear a chapter or two, go to

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