Angel Perception: Some Angels have been Mislabeled

I had an interesting conversation with The Angelic Realm the other day.  It seems that we, humanity, have misunderstood some of the events that occurred centuries and millennium ago as it relates to the Heavenly Realm.  It seems that we have mislabeled some of the Angels. And, in the opinion of The Angelic Realm, we would be well served to begin to understand better what happened those long years ago.  And, that this understanding, will allow us to better understand ourselves and shift our beliefs about ourselves.

I was all ears.  Anything that would allow us to more easily shift our beliefs had my attention.  And so They began planting thoughts which They will expound upon at later dates.  Following are some thoughts for us to simply begin to contemplate, to notice how determined we are to release our currently held beliefs, and to begin, in our best interest, to consider shifting to the perspectives they are outlining.

Belief 1 – The Angelic Realm operates from the physical plane as well as the heavenly plane…They walk among us at all times…They are able to assist us at any time.

Belief 2 – Angels that we have labeled as bad, such as Lucifer, were playing a role that humanity did not understand.  That Angels we have labeled as bad have always been in service to The Divine/The All and that their path is a learning for us…not an end game.

Belief 3 – The Divine/The All asks more of its move evolved Angels than does of those Angels moving along the evolving timeline.  Therefore, the most evolved Angels are often held in the least regard by humanity due to misinterpretation.

Belief 4 – Each human is an Angel in evolution.

Belief 5 – Evolution is about experience and strength of character.  The greater the strength of character, the more The Divine/The All (and the agenda) asks of the Angel/individual.  This is where the concept that nothing will be asked of anyone (Angel or human) that they are not prepared to deal with.

Begin to consider these beliefs. More will be discussed later.

How would you like to consider shifting some of your long-held  beliefs? 

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

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