Thankfulness as a Result of Loss featuring Suzanne Kovi

Listen to Shift Your Perspectives: Shift Your Beliefs: Shift Your World as as author and speaker Barbara Joye, The Shift Guru, engages an incredible lady in telling her story of loss and a return to thankfulness, love, and passion.

With over twenty years professional experience in the entertainment industry, Suzanne is a master of performance. Although she experienced great success in her field, she struggled for many years battling anxiety, panic and depression. Her life appeared perfect on the outside, but on the inside she said she was “slowing dying”. It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom did she realize that she had to regain her personal power and redesign her life from the ground up. Her current book Ignite Your Life – 24 Choices to Transformation is this journey from dark to light. Her empowering, honest and loving words will heal your life. Her mission today is to share her light and love as well as her tools from the stage to help millions of women regain their strength and step back into life with poise, confidence, love and courage.

With all that Suzanne had in her life, the loss of her second son caused her to nearly lose both her own inner guidance…it also nearly cost her her life. Join me now as Suzanne shares her amazing story and the knowing, love and passion she gained as a result of becoming thankful for her life shifts. No matter what type of loss you have suffered in your life, listening to what Suzanne has to share is truly life affirming and changing for us all.

It is the intention of The Shift Guru to provide insights and possibilities of how each individual may, through our own life shifts, create a better life for themselves. I accomplish this through my coaching practice, my motivational speaking engagements, and my book The Creating Formula ( I invite you to visit my website at, listen to the shows, and perhaps even recommend a ‘shift topic’ for future podcasts. Who knows, you and your belief/life shift may become a guest on a future show.

Shift Your Perspectives: Shift Your Beliefs: Shift Your World


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