An Amazing Offer from an Amazing Author – Dr. Joyce Knudsen

A special message from Dr. Joyce Knudsen of The ImageMaker, Inc.® 
From Head To Soul®
International Now on Amazon   
    Celebration with special gifts just for Dr. Joyce Knudsen’s friends…
The world’s largest bookstore is now offering Dr. Joyce Knudsen’s book “From Head To Soul International®” in paperback form.
To celebrate this achievement, Dr. Joyce is giving away several gifts to her friends with every purchase of this book.
You will receive:
• 3 eBooks from Dr. Joyce Knudsen ($60 Value)
• 2 Professional PowerPoint Seminar Packages – Your choice from Image Consulting Materials ($349ea Value)
• 10 Image Consulting Audio Classes Download – as seen on The ImageMaker, Inc.($9.95ea Value)
What you need to do:
1. Purchase From Head To Soul International Paperback on
2. Choose your two free seminars at
3. Email Dr. Joyce your Amazon receipt, along with the titles of your choice seminars
It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get over $800 in gifts. Order one for yourself, or one for a friend. However, the celebration ends at midnight Eastern Time November 30th, 2010, so order your copy today.
This is a perfect gift for birthdays, graduation, Mother’s and Father’s Days. Everyone needs to have their personal best and this book has all of what you need to know in it.
Do you want to move forward in your life? Do you feel like you’re standing still or holding yourself back? Did you know that we are judged approximately 93% on our image— to include appearance, behavior and communication. This book outlines everything you need to know about image. In effect, it is an ‘image encyclopedia.’ This book prepares you to self-actualize in your life. It’s the only book you need to reach your potential!
Please note that the Amazon system sometimes updates slowly and it may show that the book will not be shipped for a day or two, however plenty of books have been printed for this celebration.
Order now on 
© 2010 AssessyourSuccess,com. All rights reserved.

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